Helloooo the name is Rachel, and taken 1-24-13 even tho i still post about heartbreaks and being forever alone. I have learned over the 19 years i have been here that you can not try to really keep people in your life, if they want to be there, they will find a way & if not, screw them, right? whats so good about being replaced? finding stuff that's better for you. Everything on my blog is for me, I am done trying to impress people or be someone I'm not, so i love everything on my blog. obviously. C:
soooo welcome to the inside of my head

1. it’s not your fault when your anxiety or depression flares up and you lose control of your emotions.

2. always remember: when you want to kill yourself, don’t.

3. you’ll forget all about that boy who broke your heart in ninth grade.

4. always remember: you deserve to fall in love with being alive.

5. don’t blame your ex for your sadness.

6. always remember: be nice to your mother, she loves you.

7. cutting calories won’t make you happy.

8. always remember: don’t feel bad about yourself when someone doesn’t want you. it’s not you, it’s them. it’s always them.

9. you don’t need anyone else to complete you. you’re whole as you are.

10. always remember: you are alive and that is a truly wonderous thing.

11. don’t hold people hostage in your life when they decide to leave.

12. always remember: you were beautiful long before he told you that you were.

13. the most toxic people in your life can teach you the most valuable lessons.

thirteen things no one taught me // c.u.t (via vaffancculo)

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